What are the DAD Certification Levels

DAD Certification Levels

In adopting a Shuhari strategy for their certification program, the Disciplined Agile Consortium has established a program which allows an individual to achieve measurable and incremental success (belts) that can be achieved using an iterative approach to their learning and practical experience.


Here is a summary of the stages

  1. Shu (Learn) or beginning stage focuses on learning the basic techniques and philosophies of disciplined agile development. With a goal of achieving a White Belt and/or Yellow Belt
  2. Ha (Detach) or intermediate stage is represented by Green Belt certification and is based on seeking to understand the range of strategies available to you and when they are best applied
  3. Finally, Ri (Transcend) is the “master” stage, is represented by the Disciplined Agilist-Black Belt certification, is where you are consistently sharing your learning with others.


Here are the DAD consortium has established four certification levels:

  1. Disciplined Agilist-White Belt(Shu)
  2. Disciplined Agilist-Yellow Belt(Shu)
  3. Disciplined Agilist-Green Belt(Ha)
  4. Disciplined Agilist-Black Belt (Ri)

For more details, here is a link to DAD certification philosophy


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