What guidance would you give when for assigning priorities to stories in RTC?

What is the default priority generally assigned? It was suggested to me that the default should be medium. We may need to provide some guidance on what constitutes a high, medium versus a low priority ranking.

  • Yes we recommend using Medium as the default value for prioritizing work items. Priorities are usually assigned by the Product Owner or other key stakeholder
RTC - Separating a Larger Task into several smaller tasks

How can you assign a task in a story to more than one person? Sometime we need to assign a task to multiple people

  • In RTC, each work item (Story, Defect, Task,) can only be assigned to 1 person at a time so we often recommend splitting a larger task into multiple smaller tasks, each estimated between 4 – 16 hrs of work, with a clear success criterion and linking them as children to the original task.

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